9.00-12-00 Mondays

Situated at the end of the studio building.

“I can’t sketch.” I hear it so often.

It’s such a shame that so many people miss out on such a rewarding pastime because they believe what others have told them across the years.

On Mondays we run a mutual support sketching group at the end of the studio building. Come along to learn the basics and build your confidence.

For many the greatest hindrance to beginning is the fear of making mistakes. Accepting that so-called “mistakes” are an essential part of learning and achievement is the critical first step. To quote the NIKE slogan, “Just Do It”.

Anybody who wants to can sketch. If you can hold a pencil or write your name you can sketch. The secret is to act.. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw something. Date it and keep it in a folder so that you can track your progress. You’re in for some pleasant surprises.

Sketches are only a combination of some basic figures; the box, sphere, cone and tube. If you have ever seen your shadow you understand where light falls.

If you can access the internet there are hundreds if not thousands of free video tutorials. They are an additional way to learn and you can pause or rewind if you miss something. However nothing beats the interaction of being part of a group. We loveit.

We work in pencil, pen and pastel. There are no time hassles with each person working at their own speed. Very therapeutic and relaxing.

Sketching is a very affordable pastime. Less than $20 for materials will easily get you started. The classes are included in the $5.00 weekly dues.

Call Doug 0401 466 575 for further information or visit us on a Monday

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