Committee Structure

Shed Management Committee


Barry Cheales OAM JP OLY


Henk Kasteel 


John Corey

Shed coordinators:

Dick Winfield and Roger Bayzand, Ian McGrath 


Sub-Committees – Go To Representatives

All Shed Matters

  • Management Committee. For approval on all shed matters, planning, events, functions, policy

Computer  Systems

  • Bill Maxwell and Doug Elliott  passwords, guarantees, software, purchases, repairs, printers, backups


  • Barry Paterson & Bob McLoughlin for all kitchen catering, cleaning


  • Team Leaders  Cleaning rosters of the interior of the building, workshop areas, enforcement

Equipment register 

  • Shed Coordinators arrange registration, test & tagging of all tools and equipment.

External yard 

  • Ross Winks & Peter Martin Yard and gardens maintenance


  • John Corey for all financial matters concerning the Shed

First Aid

  • Henk Kasteel Maintenance of FA Kits and updating register and First Aid courses


  • Barry Cheales for all applications for financial assistance

Health & Safety + Fire

  • Lindsay Robertson or Barry Benjamin for all matters in the management of this aspect of the shed

Health and Wellbeing

  • Craig Allingham for all matters under this heading including Fitness, Nutrition and health and wellbeing education


  • Secretary Inductions and welcome to new shed members

Publicity & Promotion

  • Barry Cheales OAM JP for all communication with the media and promotions


  • Bill Maxwell – Keys, door opening cards, shed properly locked up and secure at all times.

Second hand material offers 

  • Shed Coordinators   Checking and ruling on selection of acceptable incoming second hand materials to the shed

Shed storage

  • Ross Winks , allocation of space, readjustment to building foot prints, building maintenance

Van & Trailer            

  • Bob McLoughlin maintenance, booking system, trailers, usage problems

Visiting Outside Groups & Shed Bookings

  • President for all initial contact with external visits by outside groups and the maintenance of the shed calendar


  • Gregg Nowell all matters concerning shed member welfare

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